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Posted: October 4, 2011 in Managing life
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A few weeks ago, near my home, a 13-year-old boy hung himself in the school bathroom. He was a popular kid – well liked. His parents said he was the “easy one.” So why would he kill himself? No one knows for sure. Maybe some of you have thought about it, so you can speculate on what might lead a great kid to kill himself.

Or, maybe you have a friend who has talked about suicide or attempted suicide and you see what they’re struggling with.

If you know someone who has successfully completed suicide, I’m so sorry. I have seen what the survivors go through. Their emotions can range from extreme sadness to guilt to anger. Often times those dealing with the pain of loss think about killing themselves too.

Suicide or suicide attempts are usually due to a person feeling stuck – there is no way out. Maybe they are suffering some sort of emotional pain and don’t see an end to it. Maybe they have a physical illness that causes chronic pain. Perhaps they are being abused and feel the only escape is to die. Life gets hard. The pain is unbearable sometimes. In those situations, some people contemplate suicide as the way out.

If you are someone who is thinking about suicide, I am going to give you a link at the bottom of this post for some phone numbers of people who want to help you. If you are someone who feels alone and that no one cares, you may be surprised to know that there ARE people who care. For example, I am writing this blog because I care. I work in a difficult, low-paying field just because I care about kids…I care about young people who are hurting. People who work on telephone hotlines do it because they care. Some of them work as volunteers, so they don’t get paid. They simply do it because they want to help someone who may be in need.

If you KNOW someone who is thinking about suicide, you may be unsure of what to do. Many kids are afraid to tell anyone because their friend will be angry. I would much rather have an angry friend than a dead friend. Even though they get angry, they will understand that you did it because you care. You need to tell someone, but who?

* The kid’s parents: The parents need to know unless there is a risk that the parents will hurt the kid.

* Your parents: Your parents may know how to get help for the kid and the family, how to approach the family with the information, and they may be able to help you support your friend.

* Your school counselor: Counselors are bound by confidentiality unless someone is in danger. They are also obligated to take steps to protect someone in danger. When you tell a counselor, they will have to do something about it. Plus, they will have resources for your friend and the family.

* A trusted teacher: Just like counselors, teachers are obligated to take steps to protect someone in danger. They will know who to go to for further help.

* Your clergy/pastor/priest, etc: Again, these folks are obligated to keep things confidential unless someone is in danger and they are obligated to help someone in danger. They are usually really good at supporting the family in a personal way too.

* Any trusted adult: If they don’t know what to do, they should know who to go to for information and direction.

* If you feel your friend is in danger right now, call 911. It is the fastest way to get help to their front door and keep your friend safe until further help can be provided such as a crisis team or a hospital.

I found this great website that lists hotlines by state:

They also have resources and a forum. It appears to be a great support for folks who are struggling with life. Please check it out:

Although we may not have met, I care about you. Your life is valuable to me because I believe you were created special. You have a purpose in this world.