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Check the Street Signs

Posted: July 7, 2012 in Managing life
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What road are you on?

I met a 17-year-old young man the other day. His parents are separated and both drug users. Mom is in a domestic violence situation with another drug user. These adults have burned all his bridges for him: none of the family members want anything to do with this clan.

This young man turns 18 in 5 months. He has no job, 1 high school credit, and a probation officer (partly due to past heroine use.) As soon as he turns 18, he’s on his own…and he’s got no one and nothing at this point.

I also recently met a 14-year-old girl. She has been using alcohol for about a year…drinking heavily on the weekends, sneaking out of her house. She was treated for alcohol poisoning recently. Do you know what that means? If someone wouldn’t have noticed something was wrong, she would be dead today. In addition to the alcohol, she uses marijuana and has tried spice and various other things.

She has everything she needs: lives in a beautiful house in an expensive part of town, goes to a good school, mom and step dad are providing her with really cool stuff and money.

Both of these kids are on a dead-end street. It ends in death or homelessness or mental disorders…or all of the above.

The guy got on the wrong road because he had people pointing him in that direction and he didn’t stop to think about where he really wants to go.

The girl got on the wrong road because she wants to make sure she is doing exactly what her mom doesn’t want her to do. Mom tries to control her and she reacts by NOT doing what mom wants.

We all turn down the wrong road sometimes, but the important part is recognizing it and turning around. We have to keep in mind where we want to go. The choices we make today determine where we end up. I can’t get on a plane bound for South America and expect to end up in Europe. The girl wants to become a surgeon. She’s on a road that can easily lead to rape or death. It’s definitely not the road to medical school.

Where is your road taking you? Are you making your choices today based on where you want to go or turning down the street that happens to be right in front of you…where your friends are? It might be time to get out the map and make a plan. Don’t let your parents get in your way. Don’t let your friends talk you into something you don’t want. You’re behind the wheel. Map out your route today.