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Who is the Fairest of Them All?

Posted: August 5, 2011 in Self Esteem

Most of us know the story of Snow White. The wicked queen/step mother banishes Snow White from the castle when the magic mirror tells the queen that Snow White is prettier than she is.

We KNOW this is fiction because the queen looked at herself in the mirror every day and believed she was the prettiest woman in the kingdom. NO real female looks at herself in the mirror and thinks she is the most beautiful in the land! Whether you’re a girl or a guy, you know this is true.

The good news is, your mirror lies! The queen’s magic mirror was brutally honest, but your mirror isn’t magic and it isn’t honest. It’s more like those warped carnival mirrors…the ones that make you look 6-inches wide and 7-feet tall, or 2-feet tall and 4-feet wide. The way you see yourself in your mirror is NOT the way other people see you.

I remember starting a new school as a young adult. The first day of class a guy walked in who I thought was so unattractive, I felt sorry for him. We attended classes together for 12 months straight. I got to know him outside class as many of us would get together on the weekends. A couple of months into classes I suddenly realized that I thought he was VERY attractive. What changed??

His physical appearance hadn’t changed. I had gotten to know him as a whole person and he looked very different to me.

Have you ever seen someone who was totally hot at first sight then, as you got to know them, they weren’t as attractive? Or, maybe you had a friend for quite some time and one day you started dating. You weren’t attracted to the friend initially, but after you spent time together and got to know each other on a deeper level, you were attracted to each other.

Our appearance is not based solely on our outward appearance. AND…different people like different characteristics in people. Some people are attracted to someone who is quiet, or someone who can carry a conversation. Some people are very attracted to those who are kind-hearted and some love a great sense of humor.

As far as physical characteristics go, the same applies. Some guys prefer shapely, some prefer skinny. Some girls prefer tall and skinny while others like a husky guy who makes them feel safe. Here is a Yahoo article describing hairstyles men love. You’ll notice that just about every girl fits into at least one of those categories. As far as guy’s hairstyles go, preferences are across the board: girls love, long hair, very short hair, blond, dark, straight, curly.

So, stop listening to your lying mirror. You look GREAT! The real proof is in the looks you get in the school hall, the compliments you receive from people who know you, and if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, they think you’re totally hot. You better get it through your head: your mirror is a loser. Your friends and family see your true beauty.