You Want to try Meth?

Posted: January 28, 2013 in Managing life
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Think back to something really exciting in your life. At my old age, I’ve got MANY!!

In high school, I was excited when David asked me out, when I received a valentine-gram in class, when I was nominated for homecoming queen, and when I graduated.

In adulthood I was excited when my children were born, when I got a promotion, when I graduated from college, when a publisher sent me a contract to publish my book.

There are many, many more things than these, but I remember being super happy when each of these things happened.

Meth multiplies that feeling times 100. The problem is, you’re never able to return to that level of normal happiness after you’ve been a meth user.

Imagine getting engaged and not feeling happy or landing that perfect job and feeling mediocre about it. This is unrealistic anyway. If you’re a meth user, you’re not landing a great job. You’re not in a healthy relationship. You’re not finishing college or living in an awesome house.

The first couple times you use meth, it’s awesome. Every time after that, it’s not so great. And don’t forget, you’re never getting back to normal feelings of happiness and joy.

I met a 16-year-old girl the other day who has been using meth. She has the “meth splotches” on her face: red marks that look like crap. She also has the scabs along her arms from picking at perceived things crawling on or under her skin. She looked like hell. But, the real problem wasn’t how she looked. It was what she was experiencing thanks to meth use.

She had been hanging out with “friends” earlier in the day, using meth. At one point, one of the other meth-users demanded this girl’s phone. She probably wanted to trade it for drugs. When the owner of the phone wouldn’t give up the phone, her so-called friend pulled a knife on her.

The rest of the night was the typical meth-induced paranoia. She thought she kept seeing people who were coming to kill her. She was convinced this girl was related to the mob and had put out a contract on her.

In reality, the girl was probably out smoking meth. The drug has both of these girls held hostage. This is typical.

I see people of all ages held prisoner by meth.

I met a 56-year-old woman who has been using meth for a few years. She has no teeth. Her skin is scabbed and splotchy. Her cheeks are drawn. She can’t stop talking. She has had most of her personal possessions stolen. She lives alone in a dump with a bug infestation. She has no transportation. No money. No joy in her life at all. She is ready to die.

Meth sounds like a fun time when it is offered to you. But, read the fine print. Life will never be the same again.

The joy and pleasure that you experience naturally…the awesome experiences that come to you…those are enough! That excitement is something you can experience for free over and over throughout your life.

Protect your happiness. Say no to meth.

  1. Starlla says:

    Beautiful dose if reality!

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